Product & Facility Application Consulting – Canada

Product & Facility Application Consulting:  Canada

Ensuring sites, ingredients, labels, and marketing & advertising materials (incl. web site) are compliant to Health Canada & CFIA regulations

Product Application consulting servicesNatural Health Products (NHPs)  [known in the USA as “dietary supplements”]

Product Licenses for Natural Product Numbers (NPNs)
Site Licenses for NHPs
Formulation Development
Import Logistics Services

Food Label Services

DIN (Drug Identification Number) Application Services

Drug Establishment Licence (DEL) Application Services

Producers License for cannabis & its extracts under the ACMPR

MDL Medical Device Licence (MDL) Services

Medical Device Establishment Licence (MDEL) Services

Cosmetic Services

Adverse Reaction ReportingLabel development / label compliance services

Product Recall assistance

Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations (CCCR)

English-French Translations

Pest Control Product (PCP) Applications

Applications for a Class A Precursor Licence


Why use a consultant?

Weighing the numerous pros & cons of bringing in a consultant vs. tackling it all in-house?  Please see our web pageWhy Use a Consultantas part of that critical thinking process. Based in British Columbia, but covering all of Western Canada.

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Quality Assurance

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Regulatory Affairs consulting

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