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This blog post relates primarily to the cannabis industry in Canada.

04/26/2016    The following CBC article keeps popping up on their Facebook page: 

 Marijuana compounds brewed using yeast by Canadian biotech firms: Yeast fermentation technique allows researchers to isolate cannabinoids for treatment of different diseases  http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/medical-marijuana-yeast-1.3527950   

I‘ve poured-through the numerous comments at the end of the article. A common complaint is “why don’t we just allow everyone to grow their own strains of plants, that are naturally high in those cannabinoids (CBs)?  As someone who has done hands-on Health Canada approved marihuana extraction research, there is a good reason why this won’t / can’t happen at a person’s home … Other than THC and cannabidiol (CBD) the vast majority of the other CBs are just in way too low of concentration. For example, one would need something like 10-50 kg of dried plant material to get maybe 500 mg of the specific CB. In other situations, the plants genes convert some of the key CBs to CBD or THC at various stages of growth, such as in the initiation of the flowering process.

Who should be the retailers dispensing medical marihuana to patients?

This is a very good article. Spoiler alert – it not liquor stores.  “Selling Cannabis: The Right Fit” by Alison McMahon  https://news.liftcannabis.ca/2016/01/06/selling-marijuana-dispensaries-canada/

Will it be easier to obtain a Producer’s Licence under the MMPR?

Well, it couldn’t be any more difficult than the previous government, at the very least!  Will it be more straight-forward, and thus easier & quicker to obtain a Producer’s Licence?

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