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Looking for specialized service, equipment & material suppliers?

Let us tell your about our Sourcing Services in the pharma & chemical industries. Since 1999, as a consultant firm, we have helped hundreds of organizations to meet their quality assurance requirements, all all the other regulations (such as product registrations). We have also attended and presented at numerous industry conferences. As such, we have developed a very large network of contacts over the years – many of which we’ve had the opportunity to evaluate. We’ve also developed various Request for Quotation (RFQs) templates and associated protocols for evaluation their responses. For some of those RFQ’s we were asked to take the process to the next step, such as comparing / contrasting various production or lab equipment and evaluating their Return on Investment (ROI) over certain periods of time. Please note: it’s one thing to ask suppliers for a quote, but it’s equally important to also ask them very specific questions, and have them include their responses as part of the quote. (i.e.: information they may prefer not to openly divulge unless explicitly requested to do so – and in writing). We can then assist in any negotiations relating to the technical / scientific aspects withing the draft contract / service-supply agreement.

Prior to 1999, the president of ICS Inc (Dale Enright) held various research, supervisory and management positions. A good part of his job was to routinely source such expertise and equipment or materials. Just prior to starting ICS Inc. his annual budget specific to sourcing was at least $5-6 million/year (plus regular overhead, staff, etc).

Therefore, if your are looking for any of the following, why start from scratch (esp. if you are a start-up), when we already have the infrastructure. Furthermore, we have no financial links with them. (i.e.: we do not accept ‘service referral royalties” from them if you chose to contract them. Our job is to identify applicable suppliers, develop the RFQ, send it out to 3-4 candidates, review their responses, then prepare a short report comparing / contrasting the critical aspects, and add our final comments. We then leave it up to our client to make the final decision, as it is their money.

  • Contract QC testing / Stability (shelf live) / Research labs;  (see Why Won’t We Offer Lab Services In-house)
  • Contract manufacturers / fabricators, packagers or labellers (labelers);
  • Contract logistics (storage & distribution) firms; [see our NHP Import Logistics services page]
  • Lab or production equipment;
  • Architects, Construction engineers & their expert trades people;
  • Raw materials & packaging materials, including label suppliers;
  • Investors;
  • Brokers / brokerage firms tied in with large wholesalers & retailers;
  • Intellectual Property (IP), Patent & Trade Mark law firms specializing in industries regulated by Health Canada & CFIA;
  • Import / Export assistance;
  • Computer / IT / web developers;
  • Security firms;
  • Translation services of technical documents, research articles, labels, marketing materials, etc.  from one language to another (i.e.: English to French)
  • HVAC suppliers, installs & maintenance

If you’re looking to hire a specialist to work for your company, please refer to our separate page for our Technical Personnel Recruiting services.

Why use a consultant for these sourcing services?

Weighing the numerous pros & cons of bringing in a consultant vs. tackling it all in-house?  Please see our web pageWhy Use a Consultantas part of that critical thinking process. Based in British Columbia, but covering all of Western Canada.


Tom Stewart

October 25, 2017at 2:18 pm

Im very interested , in regards to our Company profile , we sale, service, install, and manufacture , Safes, Vaults , Vault Doors, Security Cages, Bullet Resistive Products, and glazing , etc etc . Would like the opportunity to get on your Vendor List . Look forward to hearing from you.

Tom Stewart ( Protech safe & Security.) 705 730-8168

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