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HACCP / ISO 22000 Consulting Services for Canada

What is HACCP?

Why Implement HACCP?

What are the 7 Principles of HACCP?

ISO 22000

Implementation, Training and Coaching

Internal Audits of Your Quality Systems

Third-Party Audits of Your Supplier’s Quality Systems

HACCP Consulting

What is HACCP?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. This is a scientific system for process control that has long been used in food production, to prevent problems, by applying controls at points in a food production process, where hazards could be controlled, reduced, or eliminated.

Why Implement HACCP?

A plant must have an effective HACCP system to comply with regulatory requirements and prevent adulteration of product. Under the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), it is mandatory for federally-registered meat and poultry establishments. Although HACCP is not mandatory in federally-registered dairy, processed product, egg, honey, maple and hatchery establishments, the CFIA strongly recommends that these establishments adopt HACCP.

What are the 7 Principles of HACCP?

    1).   Conduct a Hazard Analysis for:

biological hazards; chemical hazards; and physical hazards.

    2).   Identify the Critical Control Points (CCPs):

This is a point, step, or procedure in a food process at which control can be applied and, as a result, a food safety hazard can be prevented, eliminated, or reduced to acceptable levels.

    3).    Establish Critical Limits for each Critical Control Points:

Instructing your team to establish critical limits for each preventative measure you will carry out at each CCP

    4).    Establish Monitoring Procedures:

Monitoring procedures are those things, which are done routinely, either be employee of by mechanical means, which measure the process at a given CPP, and create a record for future use.

    5).    Establish Corrective Actions:

Establish corrective actions to be taken when monitoring shows that there is a deviation from a critical limit.

    6).   Establish Record Keeping Procedures:

This principle requires the development and maintenance of records about both plan development and the operation of the system.

    7).   Establish Verification Procedures:

This is to make sure that the plan is working correctly. Verification uses methods, procedures, or tests in addition to those used in monitoring to see whether the HACCP system is in compliance with the HACCP plan, or whether the HACCP plan needs modification.

HACCP & ISO 22000 consultant

ISO 22000

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Our HACCP Consulting services includes Implementation, Training and Coaching by:

  • conducting an assessment of your present Hazard Analysis system and procedures;
  • performing a “Gap Analysis” to determine the deficiencies;
  • providing an general overview for Management & Staff;
  • assisting with the writing & revising of policies, procedures, and forms / checklists;
    • .
    • Documentation & Record Keeping; Premises; Storage & Transportation; Equipment; Personnel; Sanitation, Pest Management; Recall, Allergen Identification & Control; Supplier Compliance
  • selecting & coaching personnel involved in the implementation process, and the system’s management team;
  • providing detailed training to individual departments, regarding specific HACCP requirements;
  • helping write descriptions of the food and its methods of production & distribution;
  • helping identify the intended uses and consumers of the product(s);
  • developing and verify process flow diagram(s);
  • conducting the internal / third party audit, and assist with implementing the required corrective actions;
  • select and liaise with any third-party auditor / registrar;
  • be present and provide consultation during the registration or CFIA audit;  and
  • regular follow-ups, thereafter.

ICS can provide an objective and unbiased review to assess conformance to the regulations, and determine the level of implementation & effectiveness of the quality system requirements.

We can then identify opportunities for improvement, within the scope of the quality system requirements.

HACCP & ISO 22000 Auditing services

Third-Party Audits of Your Supplier’s Quality Systems

ICS can let you know whether your suppliers are meeting their contractual agreements, no matter where they are located throughout the world. These suppliers may include contract manufacturers and/ or testing laboratories.

No matter where your suppliers are located, we can most likely provide these services at less travel expenses. This is due to our network of strategic alliances or subcontracted auditors, or we may also have other clients in the city that your supplier is located.

Why use a consultant?

Weighing the numerous pros & cons of bringing in a consultant vs. tackling it all in-house?  Please see our web pageWhy Use a Consultantas part of that critical thinking process. Based in British Columbia, but covering all of Western Canada.

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