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Image of Dale Enright consultant chemistBiography of Dale Enright, president of Innovative Consulting Solutions Inc.

Mr. Enright has a 4-year B.Sc. specializing in organic chemistry, with a minor in math / stats He then did one year of graduate studies in pharmacology, which included courses in veterinary medicine & small animal surgery. But like the saying goes “crime doesn’t pay, but neither does research”.

So he became an oilfield chemist and within a year was promoted to Analytical Lab Manager. In that position, he was also responsible for implementing & maintaining the lab’s QA & Environmental Management Systems (EMS). He then became the Technical Manager for a competitor’s chemical plant, with an annual budget of ~$10 million. While there he was also became responsible for implementing entire company’s Quality Assurance (QA) & Environmental Management System EMS (plant, lab & field operations).

After that was all implemented, in June, 1999 Dale Enright decided to strike out as a consultant, when he was offered the unique opportunity to oversee the QA requirements during the design, layout and construction of a Class D pharmaceutical / medical device manufacturing plant in Edmonton. Since then, it’s been onward & upward in experience.

Over these years, he has attended numerous courses relating to QA Implementation & Training, and changes to regulations, as well a being a guest speaker at many industry-sponsored events, and has written articles in various industry magazines.

To date, his consulting company has helped at least 50 companies of various sizes to implement their QA programs, and has audited 40-50 manufactures & labs throughout North America & Australia. He also acts as the official QA Officer / QA Person (QAP) for numerous Canadian importers & distributors.

On the regulatory side, he keeps up to date on any proposed revisions to applicable Acts and their corresponding new / revised Regulations, Policies, Directives & Guidance Documents relating to product & facility registrations, and keeps the clients up to date on anything that could potentially impact them.

Currently operating and living in the beautiful West Kootenay region of British Columbia, but covering all of Western Canada.

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