ACMPR-MMPR Consultant – Application for a Producer’s License

MMPR Consultant - British Columbia ACMPR-MMPR Consultant – Application for a Producer’s License

formerly under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR)

Now known as the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR)

aka “medical marijuana” 

Please see our separate web page for Good Production Practices (GPP) services for preparing ACMPR standard operating procedures (SOPS), and for Security Requirement consulting.

As part of our ACMPR consulting services, we can guide you, step-by-step through the applications for a:

  • Producer’s Licence for cultivation;  and
  • Dealer’s Licence for distribution

Whether it be for greenhouses vs. indoor facilities, as one of Canada’s premier cannabis / medical marijuana consulting firms, we can provide experienced guidance and assistance in the the quality assurance & regulatory requirements, such as:

  • Security Clearance applications / forms; (and if any key person is rejected by the very secretive Interdepartmental Security Advisory Forum, we can help with the appeal)

    • .
  • Identification of Security Level required, based on proposed quantities, geographic location, etc.
    • .
  • Physical & electronic security including assistance in the evaluation of any contract security firms, selection of video cameras, motion sensors, door & window sensors, etc.
    • .
  • Notices to local government / municipality, police (or RCMP) and fire department.
    • .
  • Providing ideas for the hardware & software related to electronic storage & backup of files, including security video, and other security data (both onsite & offsite).
  • We also routinely help LP applicants recruit & interview a QAP per our Technical Personnel Recruiting services.
  • Preparing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) & associated quality records for Propagation, Cultivation, Extraction, Packaging, Labelling, Storage & Distribution; Client Registration & Ordering; Processing Orders; Inventory Control.
    • .
  • Help with the other SOPs required under under Good Production Practices (GPP), including: Record Keeping, Labelling Requirements, Adverse reaction reporting (AER), Product Recall, and Security Measures.
    • .
  • Keep you up to date on any additions / revisions to the regulations or their associated Directives, Policies, Guidance Documents, Application Forms, as well as interesting postings in industry e-newsletters.
    • .
  • Using our Third Party Auditing services, prepare the Quality Assurance Pre-licensing Report (QAPLR).
    • .
  • Assist with any deficiencies during the Screening & Reviewing stages by Health Canada.
    • .
    • Through the Access to Information (ATI) process, we were able to obtain Health Canada’s internal checklists for the following, along with their Standard Lines for requesting further information relating to these GPP activities.
    • .
  • Our presence during the official Health Canada inspection, as your QA / Regulatory Liaison between them and you.
    • .
  • Helping you locate a suitable Quality Assurance Person (QAP), to ensure they have appropriate credentials in education, training & experience, as per our Technical Personnel Recruiting

Producer's Licence Application (PLA) consulting services

Based on our previous hands-on experience, we can also help you source:

  • technical expertise;
    • .
  • propagation & cultivation / harvesting equipment & utensils;
    • .
  • input materials & other supplies;
    • .
  • child resistant packaging materials;
    • .
  • pest control products approved by Health Canada specific to cannabis;
    • .
  • pre-approved quality control (QC) testing labs,
    • .
  • irradiation facilities (if/when required)

We also have intensive experience in the area of developing a Business Plan to attract potential investors for both a Producer’s Licence, as well as Research into extraction techniques.

Why use a consultant?

Weighing the numerous pros & cons of bringing in a consultant vs. tackling it all in-house?  Please see our web pageWhy Use a Consultantas part of that critical thinking process. Based in British Columbia, but covering all of Western Canada. Let us be your medical marijuana consulting firm to help you obtain your MMPR license.

External Links:

Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations


Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (SOR/2013-119) at


Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (S.C. 1996, c. 19) at:


Health Canada’s Statement on Supreme Court of Canada Decision in R. v. Smith at: 



Dale Enright

July 22, 2015at 7:35 am

This is an excellent analysis of the state of affairs for the lack of issuance of Producer’s Licences:

Health Canada’s Medical Pot Program Racks Up Millions In Costs As Approvals Fizzle
Posted: 01/28/2015 9:19 am EST Updated: 01/28/2015 3:59 pm EST

Dale Enright

July 28, 2015at 10:17 pm

On Oct. 1, 2015 I will be presenting two 30-minute talks at the Canadian Marihauna for Medical Purposes Summit. The first talk with be on Adverse Event Reporting (AER) and the other will be on Product Recall.…/MMPR_Vancouver_Oct_2015_07.html

Hope to see you there!

Brian Kjenner

September 16, 2018at 3:47 pm

We have our coomplete application in with Health Canada to be a licensed laboratory for testing cannabis. We are currently waiting in line for the next steps. Do you have experience helping labs get approval for testing?

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